The SMB’s Guide to Cloud Contact Center Solutions


Many of the world’s largest corporations are already making use of cloud contact center solutions such as storm® to enable the highest levels of customer satisfaction and contact center performance. As an SMB, you have the same need to maximize customer satisfaction, but you lack access to the class-leading enterprise solutions needed, right? Well not any more. Read this guide to SMB Cloud Contact Center Solutions, and find out how your business can access top-tier customer service tools, while only paying for what you need.

What is an SMB Cloud Contact Center Solution?

Typically, SMBs have a smaller budget and fewer IT resources than larger organizations. This makes supporting complex infrastructure and upgrading hardware and software difficult. As a result, the idea of having a fully-functioning, world-class contact center solution, one that allows your business to provide outstanding customer experiences, can seem far out of reach.

Fortunately, with an SMB contact center solution in the cloud, being smaller is no longer a barrier to providing great customer experience. An SMB cloud contact center solution should bundle together the essential customer service tools needed to run a contact center, into an all-in-one, cost-effective package, including:

  • Quality and Workforce Management
  • Real-time and Historical Reporting
  • Omni-channel Routing and Recording
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • AI and Automation

What are the Benefits of an SMB Cloud Contact Center Solution?

SMB cloud contact center solutions should give you total simplicity, expert functionality, reliability, and scalability, but without the complexity and cost of a larger solution. The right solution can simplify contact center management, administration and supervision considerably, and give your agents a streamlined user experience. So even with a smaller customer engagement team, your business can provide outstanding customer experiences equal to those of a large enterprise.

Flexibility is the Key

As your customers’ and business’s needs become more complex, your customer engagement will need to evolve to meet them. Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of a cloud contact center solution, SMBs have the power to make changes to services quickly – far more quickly than larger organizations.

Included in the standard suite of tools that come with an SMB contact center solution, the best solutions will offer additional features, such as additional channels, intelligent automation, and more. This will allow you to customize your solution, and add the functionality you actually need, when you need it.

Recent events have led to a great deal of business volatility. A cloud-based solution ensures business continuity. Need to move to a distributed working model? No problem. With a cloud-based SMB contact center solution, your users can access complete functionality whenever, and from wherever there is an internet connection, and is completely scalable growing with your business.

An SMB cloud contact center solution should provide the groundwork to upgrade to the full enterprise solution at any time. Upgrading gives your business access to the full portfolio of tools to build your ideal customer engagement and experience services. With the right solution, upgrading is seamless, with no necessity for costly bolt-on solutions, and no system downtime for any transition.

storm® LITE™: The Small Solution for Big Results

The storm® LITE™ SMB cloud contact center software solution is supportive of growing businesses, offering everything organizations with fewer than 200 seats need to immediately set up a contact center in the cloud. It is based on the enterprise-level storm cloud contact center solution and hosted on the same cloud servers, providing the ultimate in scalability and reliability.

storm LITE is the cost-effective way to achieve a cloud contact center solution for your organization. The bundled offering has everything you need to run a contact center in the cloud, with the same omni-channel capabilities and functionality as the storm enterprise solution.

storm LITE provides organizations with a secure, cloud-based environment where all contact center interaction management, reporting and knowledge databases are centralized and accessible through a single, browser-based interface. storm LITE enables end-to-end customer journey mapping so that supervisors and administrators can monitor, report on, and improve customer experiences easily on the go. The lightweight solution also empowers agents to easily manage all incoming communications, enabling the customer to receive faster responses, through whichever channel they choose.

Highly customizable, and ready for rapid deployment, storm LITE is truly flexible. storm LITE is scalable and can be upgraded to a full storm solution as requirements grow.

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