storm® LITE™ is Content Guru’s Contact Centre Solution for SMBs (Small / Medium Businesses). It was developed to bring best in class levels of cloud contact centre capability to all, with a simple price structure, that charges per agent per month. Cost-effective and easy-to-deploy, storm LITE brings together a comprehensive suite of capabilities and modules to ensure that being smaller is not a barrier to providing great customer service.

Ensure great customer experiences

Designed for rapid deployment, storm LITE offers bundled solutions that let new, or growing, businesses access the right solution for great customer service. Based on the Enterprise-grade storm product from Content Guru, the LITE package provides an entry point to cloud contact centre technology, with the highest levels of reliability and all the functionality needed to run an SMB contact centre. Every storm LITE customer has their own unique partition, enabling each organisation to benefit from the economies of scale of sharing a best-in-class product, whilst only paying for the services that it needs.

Set up and manage your contact centre from anywhere, quickly and easily

Build and manage your contact centre configuration effectively and with minimal effort. storm LITE provides organisations with a secure, cloud-based environment where all contact centre interaction management, reporting and knowledge databases are centralised and accessible through a single, browser-based interface. All aspects of the service can be managed through this intuitive portal, giving organisations unprecedented agility and control. With these powerful tools to configure users, service flows, queues, agent groups and hunt groups, your contact centre will soon be running IVRs and routing omni-channel traffic to your workforce.

Seamless, Omni-Channel Communications

Enable your agents and customers to seamlessly converse through voice and digital channels. The storm LITE SMB contact centre software solution empowers agents to easily manage all incoming communications through a single intuitive, browser-based interface. This ensures demand can be managed effectively, and enables the customer to receive faster responses, through whichever channel they chose.  Available channels include voice, SMS, email, web chat, Trustpilot, LINE, Viber, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Flexibility and Scalability

Easily customise your communications to meet exact requirements, with a service that scales as demand grows, and evolves alongside your changing needs. Additional email, web chat, social media and machine agent capabilities can be quickly added, as well as optional integrations into Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce or storm CKS®. A fully scalable solution, storm LITE will grow effortlessly with your business. When required, the upgrade to the enterprise version of storm is seamless, with no necessity for costly bolt-on solutions, and no system downtime for any transition.

Enhance Customer Experience

Take advantage of market-leading capabilities for contact queueing, to shield contact centres from peaks in demand and automate enquiries intelligently. The storm LITE solution enables end-to-end customer journey mapping so that you can monitor, report on, and improve customer experiences easily on the go.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

Replace legacy voice networks with data, to achieve cost savings and gain access to advanced IP multimedia services. Later, if your company’s PBX or contact centre platforms become end-of-life, these can be migrated to the cloud. This gives flexibility across multiple sites and channels, and eliminates costs for the maintenance of on-premise hardware.

Customisable Service Designer

An easy-to-use, drag & drop interface gives users deep control over service flows, governing exactly how customers access information and services. Messages and workflows can be updated quickly in real time, allowing users to react immediately to changing circumstances, without the need to contact a technician.

Real-time and Historical Reporting

storm LITE enables detailed visibility of key metrics across your entire estate, helping you to monitor performance to the second. Standard report templates allow supervisors to access reports quickly and easily.