About Administrator

Every instance of storm® LITE™ receives an administrator license.  This permits access to storm CONDUCTOR™, an administrator interface for setting up agents, numbers and routing. The Service Designer license included enables administrators to build DTMF IVRs easily and quickly.

storm CONDUCTOR is a browser-based workflow design tool.  With its intuitive graphical user interface and powerful service creation abilities, it empowers your organization to build and manage your contact center configuration effectively and with minimal effort.  Administrators have the ability to adapt live services in real time and provision with a single click. With intuitive tools to configure users, service flows, queues, agent groups and hunt groups, your contact center will soon be running IVRs and routing omni-channel traffic to your workforce.

Administrators also have access to the Wallboard functionality, which provides real-time insights and overview of your SMB contact center.  The Management Interface (MI) also provides administrators reports of the last 13 months of historical information.  They also have access to 90 days of screen and call recording with storm RECORDER™.

Key Features

  • Single, intuitive graphical interface allows organizations to create, adapt and provision services quickly and easily.
  • Multi-channel support includes voice, email, web chat, SMS and social media.
  • Integrated text to speech allows customers to use bespoke prompts for use in professional tailored services.